Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I want to make a list of my favourite summer products.In my opinion, these are perfect for summer.Even though i looove make up i don't wear make up when i go to the beach. The only thing i recommend you to wear when you go swimming is waterproof concealer and of course sunscreen. I normally don't wear concealer, but I know some of you might want to cover soe of your blemishes and stuff .So, here you go:

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. This concealer is the best for summer. It's heavy duty, yet still manages to not look and feel heavy on the skin. you only need a little and you cover so much. there's a great color range. my color, #4 is a nice yellow tone that works wonders not only on my blemishes, uneven spots, and the big hit: under my eyes.It's waterproof and stays on. It blends well but once it's on, it doesn't get all crease-y under the eyes or fade away after a few minutes.
I'd definitely recommend this for those with oily skin, or for anyone who has stubborn spots that nothing else will cover.

Clinique City Block SPF 15 or 30. I have the 30 one since my skin is very sensitive and i need
really good protection. What I love about this is that is oil free. I have oily skin and in the summer it tends to look even more oily than usual. So it's very important that everything I put on my face in the summer is oil free.It also gives you a little bit of a glow.

Mac Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach :
This blush ombre starts off from a mild peach to an intense coral, and adds a gorgeous warm glow to the complexion. Its light golden shimmer is there, but barely noticeable on. Just bewarned though, a light hand works best for this blush. This one packs a punch for pigment. And there is such a thing as too much blush.I got it from a friend, but it might be sold out now. I'm not sure.

Mac Marine Life Highlight Powder. Recently I purchased it. At first I was hesitant in purchasing this line, but I love the gold embossing seahorse motif on it. I personally think this powder is more a blush instead of a highlight powder, because this powder is pigmented and it is vibrant pinkish when swatch. Sorry no swatches yet because I'm afraid to ruin the gold pretty dust

Benefit Sugarbomb I thought the color combo was a little odd when I first saw it. I mean how often do you see a plum next to a peach? But hey, it works. Swirled together they create a super pretty, shimmery pink (but not too shimmery). I swatched it below. But as is usually the case with face powders, it’s hard to get a good pic.

Mac Cream Color Base in Pearl. At $16.50, Pearl’s a great bargin, because not only can you can use it as an eyeshadow base, but it also works well as a highlighter for your face or lips. You can apply it to bare skin or underneath (or on top of) foundation or powder to play with different looks and textures.And the pan is ginormous. MAC Cream Color Base is one of my favorite MAC products, and I recommend it to people all the time. I hope you give it a try!

Dior Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond. I love this product and in my opinion it's the best high liter. But I wouldn't recommend it for all skin tones.It's a bit expensive [ 42 $] but it's worth it.

Sephora Natural Vitamin C + E Blotting Papers. I don't have a lot of things to say about these. They are just some blotting papers. You can find them at Sephora and they're not really expensive.

I think you have noticed that I haven't mentioned any type of foundation or dark eye shadows. That's because in the summer i like to keep it light. Not too much make up. I have some acne scars on my face so I have to use some concealer.Because of my scars I can't get tanned so I use a bronzer. That's what I recommend for everyone. You don't want to wear heavy foundation when it's very hot outside because after a while you will sweat and it will look horrible. You'd better use a tinted moisturizer. Well..that's it... Tell me what you think in your comments.

P.S. : I have been experimenting different photos techniques. I have also taken photos in different rooms because I wanted to experiment the lighting. Tell me which one you like the most.

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