Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to use an eyelash curler

     Eyelash curlers are fairly easy to use, once you practice for a bit, however, you should always remember to be gentle when working around the sensitive area of the eye and eyelash hair and never just yank or pull hard as you remove your curler as you can cause yourself pain and damage by doing so.

     Doing so can cause unsightliness in various ways. First you will make your choice of an eyelash curler from those available today.
     You can chose from a traditional metal, finger loop vise-like gripper with a sponge-like cushions or pads. On the other hand you may like to try out the modern self-heating design of eyelash curler.
Aplication steps
  • With open eyes, however not wide open as this can cause you to pinch and or pull skin, you will position the gripper gently near the base of your top eyelashes.
  • Using the finger loop gripper you will slowly and gently squeeze your lashes.
  •  You will hold the eyelash gripper in the closed position for approximately ten to fifteen seconds.Concentrate on keeping your hand as steady as possible and do not jerk or pull the eyelash curler while applying it to your eyelashes.Doing so can pullout the lashes or damage them which makes them weak and more apt to fall out.
  •  You will then release the grip you have on the finger loops, letting the eyelashes gently come free of the pads.
  •  If you like you can repeat these steps once or twice to achieve a greater degree of curl.
  • Moving on to the opposite eye you will repeat the eyelash curler application steps above.