Monday, May 9, 2011

If you are just beginning to wear makeup, you may be overwhelmed by the many types and brands of eyeliners out there. Depending on what look you want to achieve, you will want to use different eyeliners to get that desired result. Listed below are the best examples of eyeliners I know of, and the most common ways to apply them.

1)Liquid Liner

This is the most difficult to apply as it is very bold and slick. Liquid eyeliner generally comes in a tube with a brush that pulls out with the liquid on it. This is the most difficult liner to apply, so I recommend trying other types before using liquid liner.

You need a steady hand, and should apply by brushing short strokes close to the lash line. Start at the middle of the eye, directly above the upper lashes, and SLOWLY brush across the lash line. Then, start at the inner part of the eye and continue to brush until you reach the middle of your eye that you began with.

Begin by looking straight to your mirror, when you do this your eye naturally creases, take an eyeliner brush and follow along to the lower lash line, like this:

Look down into your mirror, and start exactly where you started at before.

We are going to create something like a

triangle on the top of the eye, so start where you started at before and draw a triangle downwards towards the lash line

Your triangle should look something like this:

Looking down down into your mirror, begin at your tear duct and follow the natural lash line up to meet the triangle.

Now comes the tricky part, a lot of people blink when this happens, so take your time when doing it. Look straight into your mirror and turn your brush, you are going to begin by starting at the tip of the tear duct and moving your way in.

And there you have it!


  • Great for Arabic makeup, cat eyes, and dramatic looks.
  • Provides a well-defined, thin line which makes the eyelashes look thicker.
  • It lasts all day without smudging.


  • Very difficult to apply well.
  • Takes a steady hand, patience, and practice practice practice!

My Picks:

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner
Urban Decay Liquid Liner

[ The pictures aren't mine. One of my "internet friends" gave them to me since I don't own a camera. She was kind enogh to let me borrow her pictures. If you have questions you can write them as a comment below.]