Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Maybelline Superstay Lip Gloss

I've had this gloss for about a month or so now and I am super happy to say - This is the best drugstore longstay gloss . The gloss itself has two sides to it. One side is the colored gloss and the other side is the shiny coat to be worn over the color.First you apply the colored gloss and you have to wait about 2 minutes. After that you apply the shiny coat. Without the shiny coat the gloss seems sticky and not so polished. The color payoff is brilliant. You get exactly what you see or may be even more. It is super long stay and super pigmented. For me it stay put even after 12 hours. There is plenty of colors to choose from. I got this in Diamond Petal and every time I wear it, it makes my lips super sexy . It is also perfect for the beach.I guess,this color will look awesome on a wide range of skin tones be it Light/Medium/Dark. Another awesome color I strongly recommend for summer is the Citrus Glow. It is wonderful coral color which teamed with a good bronzer will give you the best summer look ever!

[ I'm sorry about the bad quality of the photos. My camera is broken so I had to use my webcam. I'm really sorry]

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